Local Leadership

Board Members

  • Commander: Leo Cowdry
  • Adjutant: Scott Nichols
  • 1st. Vice: Andre Micheaux
  • 2nd Vice: Jeff Kloeckner
  • Finance Officer: Mike Hoy
  • Service Officer: Ed Emery
  • Judge Advocate: Joshua Gunn
  • Chaplain: Chris Mitchell
  • Historian: Wes Park
  • Sgt at arms: Joshua Gunn

Sons of the American Legion

  • Commander: Mark Barnard
  • Vice Commander: Larry King
  • Adjutant: Billy Sidel
  • Treasurer: Dean Sweet
  • Sgt at arms: Bob DeCess
  • Historian: Al Borrego
  • Chaplain: Pat Miller

Ladies Auxiliary

  • President: Theresa Micheaux
  • First Vice: Heather Whitman
  • Second Vice: Danielle Yarnovich
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Mead
  • Sgt at Arms: Mar Olger
  • Chaplain: LeAnne Claucherty
  • Historian: Trina Hoppe