Bath Legion Hall

Lounge Hours: M - Sat: 12 pm - 12 am* ~ Sun: 12 pm - 8 pm*

*If there are less than 4 members in the club, we may close early.


The Legion Hall provides a safe and pleasant place for members, your families and guests to gather for wholesome fun, relaxation, as well as for hosting events that commemorate service members. Be respectful by moderating your volume and language and cleaning up before leaving.


Enjoy the big screens, pool table, betting machines, table seating, outdoor picnic table, and bar. While there is no cooking equipment, there are 2 refrigerators, sink, a long serving counter, and plenty of outlets for crockpots.

The Bath American Legion offers soft drinks and alcoholic beverages for members and guests who are 21 years old. Members are welcome to bring your own snacks.

  • Reserving the Lounge
  • Renting Equipment