Holiday Fruit Baskets

Post date: Nov 15, 2012 12:08:59 AM

Women of the Bath American Legion Auxiliary are gearing up for our annual giving of Holiday Fruit Baskets to a number of elderly residents in the area. Whether they are ailing, disabled, or just lonesome, these fruit baskets are a wonderful way to let them know they are not being forgotten during the holidays!!

We began the fruit basket event over 20 years ago. Buying already-made baskets had become so costly that the only solution was to make our own. There is a significant savings in doing this, however, it gets a bit more costly for the same members who always donate the fruit, nuts, candies & wrapping supplies. As you know, fresh fruit can be very expensive and one person volunteering to bring grapes could spend over $30 for a mere 10 lbs which isn’t nearly enough to add to 25+fruit baskets. The number of recipients changes each year. Last year we put together 29 baskets!

Would you be willing to help us make someone’s Christmas a little merrier? This message comes to you asking for a small donation of FRESH fruit or a few dollars. For example; a donation could be a bag of apples or 1/2 bag, 3-4 pears, couple bunches of grapes, 3-4 citrus fruits, bunch of bananas (the greener the better!)---a few of you could go in together. We can also use sugar-free packaged candies, no sugar please. Whatever you can do, every little bit helps! I will be compiling a list so we have an idea of those who prefer to donate fruit or cash and what else we’ll need to shop for. Your fruit and cash donations were very generous last year and helped so much!!

  • Please bring cash donations to the Legion by Thursday evening, Dec. 13 (receptacle for donations will be at bar)
  • Please bring FRESH fruit donations to Legion by 3PM Friday, Dec. 14.
  • We are building baskets Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Legion.
  • Delivery of baskets will be made Mon-Tues.

Any other questions, text or call Missy at 420-1215